Looking to begin bringing in more business to your golf club? The warm weather is back, and with it, you are probably ready to see your greens on your golf course begin to fill back up with players eager to score a hole in one. If you have found yourself having trouble bringing in new customers, however, it might be time to switch up your strategy.

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One thing people really love is freebies! Have you thought about giving new customers some neat incentive to come check out what your golf club has to offer? You might be surprised at what could happen if you offered them some neat little souvenir for free.

What could you offer?

It doesn’t have to be anything too grand – people just love free things. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination, and you can get really creative if you think carefully for awhile. Here are some ideas you can feel free to use for inspiration if you’d like.

A free golf club: A free golf club could be a wonderful idea to offer to a lucky customer. You could hold it as a sort of raffle – buying a ticket to come play could automatically enter a customer into a drawing to win the golf club, and then you could announce the winner over social media to increase your online engagement, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

A free caddybag: Golfers have a lot of equipment to carry around with them, so why not offer an easy to carry caddybag for all of those important golf tools? Just like the above idea, you could announce the giveaway over social media if you would like to increase your engagement and get people talking about what you’re doing.

A free game: People love free games, so why not make a free game something to get people talking about your golf club with? You could give away a free game to a few lucky people who come through the doors.

Need a hand in implementing some of these ideas or transforming your golf club in other ways? If so, you can always count on the help of golf club consulting professionals to be there to lend a hand if you think you could use some help with getting more customers on your course.